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2020 Nissan Versa in Avon


  • 1.6-liter DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine
  • Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Rear Automatic Braking
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Ed Martin Nissan of Fishers near Avon has the perfect vehicle for your driving needs. Whether you need a car, SUV, crossover, or van, we will take care of you and get you driving home in a brand new 2020 Nissan Versa, or any of our numerous used and certified pre-owned cars. Our vast selection of new, used, and certified pre-owned cars will satisfy whatever type of vehicle you're interested in. Come check out the 2020 Nissan Versa nearby Avon and surrounding communities, as we have attractive offers and incentives available.

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The best of both worlds. Versa's engine has variable valve timing that continuously adjusts engine output to deliver no-nonsense acceleration with exceptional mileage. All you need to make the most out of every city run.

2020 Nissan Versa performance


The available Xtronic CVT automatically adjusts to help keep you in the optimal gear ratio so you ride a smooth wave of power with maximum efficiency. It mimics gear changes under hard acceleration for a sportier feel, while providing a constant power stream for smooth city driving.

2020 Nissan Versa performance


On a steep grade, hill start assist helps stop you from rolling backwards. It holds brake pressure for a few seconds, giving you enough time to switch from the brake pedal to the accelerator. Of course, that's just the beginning. Versa uses other technologies, from Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) to Traction Control System (TCS), to make every drive feel more comfortable, confident, and enjoyable.

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2020 Nissan Versa comfort


From the moment you get in, you’ll see you've stepped up to something different. Exceptional craftsmanship, intuitive design, and innovative technology will change the way you feel about driving.

2020 Nissan Versa comfort

Advanced Drive-Assist® Display

The available full-color display can be customized to show everything from your tachometer (shown here) to playlists to fuel economy history. Just scroll to the info you want with the buttons on the steering wheel.

2020 Nissan Versa comfort


The available Automatic Temperature Control system features an intuitive control unit that lets you dial in your perfect temperature. Cold morning? The available heated front seats will warm you up quickly.

2020 Nissan Versa comfort


No matter what the temperature, the available Remote Engine Start System helps make sure you always get into a comfortable car. And once you’re ready to go, keyless entry makes getting in easier than ever.

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Basic Warranty 36 month / 36,000 miles

Every Nissan is backed by a 36-month/36,000-mile limited vehicle coverage and a 5-year/60,000-mile limited powertrain coverage.
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2020 Nissan Versa safety


In panic-braking situations, the ABS is able to pump the brakes faster than you possibly can, helping to prevent wheel lockup and allowing you to continue to steer while braking heavily.

2020 Nissan Versa safety

Brake Assist With Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)

If you need to slam on the brakes, Brake Assist detects how hard you’re braking, and if it senses you are in an emergency, it helps to apply maximum braking force. The EBD system is designed to send extra force to the rear brakes when there’s extra weight in the back.

2020 Nissan Versa safety

Traction Control System (TCS)

The standard TCS means you won’t be wasting power just spinning the tires. When it senses drive-wheel spin, it responds by reducing throttle or applying brake pressure to specific wheels.

The 2020 Versa from Nissan is everything you could want in a mid-sized sedan and nothing that you don't. It combines safety, fun, comfort, and performance in one dynamic package the way only this automaker can. The cabin is refined and is cozy and further accentuates the driving experience. The exterior is bold and vibrant and will catch your attention the moment you lay eyes on it. The safety features inside this automobile provide the type of reliability you expect from Nissan. The 2020 Versa delivers the goods every time you take it for a spin. You have to experience one for yourself. Test-drive one at your local Nissan dealership.

Anything from the 2020 Nissan Versa to the numerous used and certified pre-owned cars nearby Avon, Ed Martin Nissan of Fishers has the means to get you driving back home in comfort and style. With desirable rewards programs and amazing incentives, we trust we will earn your business for life. We look forward to working together with you so you can leave our lot in the pristine 2020 Nissan Versa or any used or certified pre-owned vehicle of your craving.

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